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Hyundai i20

From R241,900.00 Open your eyes to inspiration. Stylish outside, roomy inside. Quietest cabin in its class

Introducing the Hyundai i20 Sport

The 1.4-litre i20 Sport features more power than the standard i20 and also comes equipped with a number of sporty visual enhancements to make it look even sleeker. Enjoy an enhanced driving experience with the i20 Sport.

17″ Alloy Wheels

The 17” alloy wheels provide that extra sporty edge to match the sophisticated yet athletic style of the  i20 Sport.

Sporty Body Kit

Featuring a number of sporty visual enhancements such as a rear boot spoiler, the i20 Sport certainly earns its stripes.

Performance Enhancing Chip

With this hot hatch the power output has been increased to 85kW and the torque to 160 Nm, due to the performance enhancing engine chip.

Stainless Steel CAT Back Exhaust System

The stainless steel free flow CAT back exhaust system helps deliver a  high-performance driving experience.


Pair and Connect

The new generation i20 understands the importance of your connected lifestyle and pairing your smartphone has never been easier. Just hit the setup button on the audio system to sync your phone. So you are able to receive calls through the 6-speaker sound system whenever you are on the road.

Rear Park Assist

Fear of reverse parking is a thing of the past with Hyundai’s integrated rear bumper sensors – detecting objects out of your direct sight and indicating the distance of the object via an audio based tone. The sensors are mounted in the rear bumper and should you get a little too close, RPAS issues an alert to the driver, warning of objects behind the vehicle. Only available on 1.4 Fluid and Sport derivatives.

Hexagonal Grille

Introducing Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 where nature inspires the future. Take a close look at the grille of the new 2015 i20. See anything familiar? The hexagonal shape of the grille is the very same shape found in the honeycomb and this is one of the strongest structures in the natural world. Hyundai used this to develop an engineering masterpiece.

Safety First

As a responsible car company, Hyundai understands that it’s not only about performance and design but safety really matters. Equipped with Anti-lock Braking System and Electric Brake force Distribution, the new generation i20 looks after you and your passengers so you can keep your eyes on the road.



From the headlamps to the floating roofline, and from the distinctive lines to the sleek aesthetic, you just can’t take your eyes off the new generation i20. The New Generation i20’s classic profile is a study in elegant simplicity. The low, wide stance and sloping roofline hint at its energy. The black B & C pillars, plus dynamic front and rear light designs add to its’ individual character which is poised to open your eyes to inspiration.

Rear park assist

For safer parking and backing up, the new generation i20 is equipped with sensors which are mounted in the rear bumper to help detect any unseen dangers whilst reversing. Should you get a little too close, the rear park assist system issues an alert to the driver, warning of any objects behind the vehicle. It is like having eyes at the back of your head. Only available on 1.4 fluid MT and AT and Sport derivatives.

Waistline moulding

The black waistline moulding integrates neatly with the front and rear bumper, giving an agile and aerodynamic look to the vehicle, as well as preventing side scratches.


Feel the sophisticated sense of style and the highest quality of the i20’s sport design wheels. The 1.2 Motion and 1.4 Motion AT comes standard with a 14’’ steel wheel. The 1.2 and 1.4 Fluid is fitted with a two tone 16’’ Alloy. Sport comes standard with 17″ Alloy.

Outside mirror blinkers

Everything needs to be edgy on an edgy car. Even the mirrors! The new generation i20’s electrically adjustable wide-view exterior mirrors are not only irresistibly attractive but also have edgy style repeaters to promote safer lane changes. Whenever the new i20 is locked, the mirrors automatically fold in to protect the vehicle when parked. Only available on Fluid MT and AT and Sport derivatives.


The quietest cabin in its class

The new 2015 i20 has one of the quietest cabins around, thanks to the double NVH Padding invested into the vehicles panels. This ensures a high quality sensation when driving. Once you fall into its’ emotional interior design, you might not want to get out of the car. The cabin is finished in carefully chosen materials creating a high-quality ambience that is unique in this class. Drive comfortably with the new ergonomic dashboard layout.

Big on space

For versatility the bench-style rear seat folds down for extra cargo space. The volume is increased from an impressive 256ℓof loading capacity to over 1,200ℓ when the rear seats are folded. This gives you more than enough space to load your baggage and your dog.

Steering wheel remote controls

Hands on the wheel and eyes on the road! Yet, still so much you can do. User friendly buttons on the steering wheel enable you to easily control the volume, manage calls and access the trip computer.

Glove box with cooling function

Thirsty? Enjoy a cool beverage from the glove box thanks to the cooling function, which is extremely useful whenever you head out for a road trip.

Full Auto Air-conditioning

The 1.2 and 1.4 Motion and 1.2 Fluid models are fitted with manual air-conditioning to ensure a comfortable driving experience no matter what the weather. The Fluid AT and MT and Sport models are fitted with fully automatic air-conditioning which includes a digital readout. Just pre-set your desired temperature and it will be automatically maintained.



The 6-speed manual transmission is standard with the 1.4 Fluid manual model. The 1.2-litre engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. A 4-speed automatic transmission is available for the 1.4-litre petrol engine, which allows for optional fuel efficiency and a comfortable shifting experience. The reported fuel consumption figure for this engine is extremely competitive and highly efficient which means it is easy on your wallet.

1.2 KAPPA engine

The KAPPA engine is extremely robust and delivers 61kw at 6000 rpm while peak torque measures 115Nm at 4,000 rpm.

1.4 KAPPA engine

The 1.4 KAPPA engine is capable of a maximum 74kw at 6000rpm while its peak torque rating of 133Nm at 3,500 rpm.